Examples Of Unethical Behaviours Of Sex Tourism

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An unethical behaviour: Sex tourism Introduction: Child labour, drugs and sex tourism are the famous topic of unethical behaviours in tourism. They are all exploiting the local residents’ human right of the destination. Yet, sex tourism is the most unethical tourist activities as it is not just exploiting the local residents’ human right, but also damaging the destination image and the residents’ health. Vigorous sex tourism developed quickly thanks to this industry is profitable. The travel agencies are taking advantages of the human motivations like hedonism and the need of love and sex (Lovelock & Lovelock, 2013). Hedonistic tourism is about a tourist who is seeking pleasure. (Jenkins, 2016). They are willing to pay for the sexual enjoyment of relaxing and the sexual workers are willing to provide sexual service for earning money. So, it is not difficult to search the sex tour travel agencies on the website. There are more than 1,000,000 underage prostitutes in Thailand and Brazil, which are the top two countries of underage prostitutes around the world (Carmen, 2005). Also, there are around 30 percent of teenage girls who had participated in sexual transactions in Kenya (Dana, 2008). No one can denies that the sex tour is being serious in the world, especially in the low developed country like Thailand, Brazil and Kenya. And the age of the sexual workers is being younger and younger. So, this article is going to discuss what sex tourism is, what the impact on this
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