Universal Phylogenetic Tree

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A universal phylogenetic tree is a term coined for the evolutionary tree of life in which we can notably recognize from the name of the representation that it is about the relationship between evolution and various species of animals primarily classified and revolutionized in a tree like branching representational diagram. The data displayed on the tree are classified and drawn in accordance to similarities and differences in both physical and genetic materials. Species placed in the tip of the tree are the modern animals that are around today. The tree is usually drawn from a mutual ancestor specie and branched out into different species that is caused due to gene mutations and environmental factors thus animals branched out from a…show more content…
In this process genetic material from A is passed on to B then over to C and so on therefor being termed vertical gene transfer. However genes and traits of following offspring’s from the ancestor animal can vary without certainty due to the presence and possibility of both mutation and horizontal gene transfer of species.

It is believed species are diverged from ancestors over a very long period of time through gradual variations occurring before we see the presence of current species. From the fossil record, around 545 million years back, an unstable of broadening happen prompting obvious of countless, multi-celled living being. This is known as Cambrian. A large number varying animals appeared suddenly in which most still exist presently known as the phylum which are in the tree of life. Because of the natural selection, some creature which don't have the characteristic which are positive to environment are extinct and we just can follow back with fossil
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To avoid getting eaten by other creatures or affected by the changes of environment a species evolves. Crocodile is a carnivore and it is at the top of a food chain therefore it doesn’t need to evolve as it has very low possibilities being eaten by other creatures. Crocodile are cold-blooded reptiles and they stay on land and in water therefore they have numerous food sources and this is their advantage. Consequently, environment, food source and habitat likewise give privilege for crocodile to survive, so it’s not important to evolve. I agree on existence of the tree of life. I strongly believe that the gene sequence is passed down from ancestor species, and the transfer of gene materials may be vulnerable and volatile to mutation and horizontal gene transfer which may cause the genetic and physical variation through time. With study of genome, we can trace some animal common ancestor that doesn’t look alike but have a homology genome which shows that they come from a common ancestor. Therefore, I agree Tree of Life
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