Examples Of Unjustified Loyalty In Othello

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“Unjustified doubts about loyalty of friends”. The conflict of Othello the novel has disparity through out all the characters. Most of the intentions through Othello and Lago were very traumatic. The frame of minds while lies was spreading through the castle lead to many deaths. In the movie Othello, The topics will be about their motives, actions, and mental state. In the movie Othello, the main character Othello had married young and gorgeous women named Desdemona. While Othello was talking and making moves with Desdemona, A man named Lago had to snitch on Othello to Desdemona’s father who is brabantio. While the whole situation is happening, Lago is trying to set up a plan to destroy the love between Desdemona and king Othello. Almost trying to kill each other because of…show more content…
When Othello told Lago that he could not have the commander and chief position he wanted, He was going to get revenge on Othello. While Lago was going crazy and mad, He decided to get many character to spread rumors and set objects where they are not suppose to be. The action between all the characters is a major plan set by Lago. The plan was ment to break up or make Othello and Desdemona leave each other so Rodrigo would have the love of his life, Desdemona. At the end of the novel, Desdemona dropped the handkerchief and Lago picke it up and gave it beonca and beonca gave it casio and casio gave it to lago. While Casio handed the handkerchief to lago. Othello was in the corner listening to Casio spoke very happy and immature to Lago about the handkerchief. Othello heard the “news” about Casio having the Desdemona’s Handkerchief. After Othello heard the news about Casio speaking like a true man and acting all big and bad toward Lago, while Othello was in the corner talking. It made Othello mad and delusional, so the actions between the characters after this situation were traumatic and
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