Examples Of Unrealistic Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Everyone is always chasing a dream they have, hoping one day that they will get it or it will come true. Sometimes this might not be the best case because if someone 's fantasy comes true, then what is next? In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays a man, Jay Gatsby, who will never attain his dream to be with a girl, Daisy. Fitzgerald shows that unrealistic dreams will not be achieved; they are supposed to be practical and attainable because if the dreams are unrealistic, then they will never be reached and will cloud reality. Gatsby failed to realize that his dream was unrealistic. Before he left for war, Gatsby attained his hopes and dreams. He was happy, but he did nothing to keep his dream and did everything to lose it. Gatsby failed to dream again and to strive for a new dream. This lead to him thinking everything was perfect and heading off to war, leaving Daisy behind. When he returned, he still had the same dream that he had once accomplished, but it had become unrealistic because Daisy was married. Gatsby’s dream began to cloud his reality and he didn’t give up on it.…show more content…
Hopes and dreams shouldn’t be too easy to accomplish, so they should be based off of what is wanted in the future. Near the end of Gatsby’s life, he knew that daisy wouldn’t leave Tom to be with him. Despite knowing this, he still dreamt of it and tried to win her over. Additionally, Gatsby’s dream always stayed as a future belief of being with Daisy, although he didn’t know that it was very unrealistic. At Gatsby’s funeral, Nick comments on how “[Gatsby’s] dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him” (180). Gatsby thought he had reached his dreams, but little did he know that they were just an unattainable future belief. In essence, many dreams are centered around an impractical future belief, which is why they won’t be
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