Essay On India's Chaotic Urbanization

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India 's chaotic urbanization

Urbanization can be defined as a process in which man transforms his agricultural based rural habitat into essentially non-agricultural urban functions and places. Urban areas emerge in the following ways: the transformation of villages into towns or establishment of towns through planning and policy measures. Urbanization in India started to increase after independence in 1947, due to the India’s adoption of a mixed economy, which gave the pathway to the development of the private sector. It is taking place at a faster rate in India. The population living in urban areas in India, according to 1901 census, was 11.4%. Then it increased to 28.53% according to 2001 census, and crossed 30% as per 2011 census, now
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This problem is basically faces by the all the multicity’s but mainly by the new developing cities where population is increasing tremendously. As the people are moving towards cities, there is a tremendous requirement of flats or apartments. For that in the growing cities,too many new apartments are being made without proper estimation of the requirement of the flats. And for these apartments too many ground borings are being done. Due to these the level of ground water is decreasing day by day. Due to low level of ground water many things will be harmed. As the level of ground water is decreasing, in recent future there will be scarcity of it. And cities will have to highly depend on the supply water, which they are getting from the nearby lakes or rivers. Pressure will be more on the supply water. The similar case is now faced in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. The case is severe in Delhi; here people had to stand hours in queue to get water. As the population is rising day by day in the cities the requirement of water is also increasing but the government is not able to provide the same. So nowadays people are living in almost 1/4th of water they are consuming. This will affect the people health living in the urban
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