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India 's chaotic urbanization Urbanization can be defined as a process in which man transforms his agricultural based rural habitat into essentially non-agricultural urban functions and places. Urban areas emerge in the following ways: the transformation of villages into towns or establishment of towns through planning and policy measures. Urbanization in India started to increase after independence in 1947, due to the India’s adoption of a mixed economy, which gave the pathway to the development of the private sector. It is taking place at a faster rate in India. The population living in urban areas in India, according to 1901 census, was 11.4%. Then it increased to 28.53% according to 2001 census, and crossed 30% as per 2011 census, now standing at 31.16% (Wikipedia). In Mumbai, there was a large-scale rural-urban migration from the 20th century. In Mumbai, almost 12.5 million people live, and we can say it is the largest metropolis in India, followed by Delhi with 11 million people. India is witnessing the fastest rate of urbanization in the world, as per 2011 census, Delhi 's population rose by 4.1%, Mumbai 's by 3.1% and Kolkata 's by 2% as per 2011 census compared to 2001 census (Wikipedia). The contribution from the agricultural sector into the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of India started to decrease and the contribution from secondary sector from the years is increasing. The period after 1941, India witnessed rapid growth of major metropolitan cities in India,

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