Examples Of Values In The Jungle And Fast Food Nation

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Values, beliefs, political ideas, and institutions in The Jungle and Fast Food Nation The leaders of Chicago’s meatpacking company and the leaders of many fast food chains today lack values, have orthodox political ideas, and do not follow proper code in their institutions. In society, since the beginning of time, businesses have existed. Businesses are important to get people what they need, which is often money. In both The Jungle and Fast Food Nation the corruption of business and capitalism are revealed. Both of these display that those with power in widespread businesses, take advantage of their workers and their customers. Throughout all of time, when involved in a business what the seller pays most attention to is profit. This is due to the greed of humans in their nature. In The Jungle and Fast Food Nation there is an obvious lack of values with those who run the businesses. The conditions of the workers and the quality of the products served were of no importance to the leaders in Chicago’s meatpacking industry, and are often not important to fast food chains today. The meat sold to customers in The Jungle is often soiled, but the head of the company allows it to be sold to maximise his own profit. Bad parts of the meat in the factory were cut out and disposed of but the remained parts were still then sold. Other meats were covered in germs from a leak in the building or rat feces as the rodents roamed around the building. The health or waste of money for the

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