Examples Of Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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Running Head: VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION 1 Verbal and non-verbal communication Jashanpreet Singh Continental institute for international studies Verbal and non-verbal communication 2 Abstract Communication is basically imparting or exchanging information by either speaking, ,writing, or using some other medium such as television.. According to me ,communication is sharing the inner feelings with others and everyone has his or her way of communicating . There are mainly 2 ways through which communication can be done . The importance of communication may be noticed in everyday life. Spoken communication is effortlessly the most noticeable…show more content…
Decoding: In the last, the receiver interprets and understands the ideas of the sender along with the feelings attached to the signals being received. Verbal and non-verbal communication 4 Verbal communication It is basically communicating by speaking out the thoughts to the person whom the sender is talking . It is generally considered as the best mode of communication because in this the people communicating are more comfortable and can easily express their feelings to others. It is done in many languages around the globe but the most common is English as it has become the global language. It is considered to be most effective, anyone can learn to communicate verbally with regular practice easily. Many big problems can be solved by talking them out and the emotions such as anger, sorrow, happiness, excitement, etc. can be expressed through verbal communication. It is important to carry out effective communication in order to minimize the chance of any misunderstanding or conflict between the people communicating. It may also include various factors attached to it which include clarity of speech, remaining calm and focused and above all being polite to

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