Examples Of Verbal Irony In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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A Midsummer night's dream is filled with different kinds of irony. There are three different kinds of irony . There is dramatic, situational and verbal. There were few example of situational irony in this text so i will not be giving examples of situational irony .
One kind of irony is dramatic irony . An example of this is the magical flower was dropped into lysander's eyes . “ A sweet athenian lady is in love … put the flowers juice on his eyes make sure the next thing he sees is the lady.” (Shakespeare 2.1.240-250) See both Hermia and Helena didn't know that lysander fell in love with helena.While he was actually in love with hermia. Another example of dramatic irony is is when is when
Titania the fairy queen the magical flower droplets get put into her eyes .”I’ll put the juice
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. . with horrible delusions and desires.”(Shakespeare
2.1.240-245) This is a good example because Titania didn't know she fell in love with a donkey man . Dramatic irony is a kind of irony where there is something you know that the characters are not aware of.
Another one of the three kinds of irony is verbal. An example of verbal irony is when
Helena uses sarcasm against Lysander because he said that he loves her.(Shakespeare
2.2.100-105)This is a good example because Helena thinks that Lysander is playing a joke on her because h is really in love with Hermia. Another example of verbal irony is when Hermia and Helena were arguing and using sarcasm.(Shakespeare 3.2.195-
210)This is a good example because Hermia and thinks Lysander and Demetrius are in love with her but they are possessed by the flower . Verbal irony is like sarcasm but really not all verbal irony is sarcasm
There are lots of examples of dramatic irony in a Midsummer Night's Dream for example
Hippolyta and Theseus thought that Demetrius loves Hermia but he came back out if
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