Examples Of Victor's Fault In Frankenstein

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Victor’s appearance at Geneva was introduced with fear. He arrives at night with a thunderstorm and lightning. He then sees the monster and Victor knows for a fact the monster was responsible for the death of the little boy. Frankenstein realizes that he couldn't tell anyone that the monster killed William because no one would believe him. Even if the court did believe him, no one would be able to capture the monster without dying. Victor decides to keep it a secret, but when he got home, he discovered that Justine, their servant and friend, had been accused of the murder. Elizabeth believed Justine was innocent, but the rest of the family wasn't too sure. Victor was the only one who really knew the truth, and he was very sad. Victor did not expect any bad thing to happen. He calls the monster a demon and continues to call it names.…show more content…
Victor felt really bad for William and thinks it was his fault William died. This was Victor's fault because if Victor did not create the monster, William would never of died. Victor’s nature was melancholy when he found out the monster may have been the cause for William’s death. Victor believes that his horrific creation is a part of himself. Victor regrets making Frankenstein a lot and knew it was a big mistake. Victor’s views the creation as part of himself. “I considered the being whom I had cast among mankind and endowed with the will and power to effect purposes of horror....". Victor was not aware what would happen so he believes that the death of William was ultimately Victor's fault. Victor bears partial responsibility for the death of William. Victor made the monster which was a creation of Victor. If a parent creates a child and raises the child, and the child kills the parents brother, it is the parents fault for not raising it right. Victor didn’t raise the monster right which is why he was
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