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Media and Violence “Don’t grow up it’s a trap.” this is a quote from one of my favourite movies as a child, Peter Pan. I am sure you all are familiar with it, but does any of you know the story’s real origin? Peter Pan was written by J.M Barrie,and in his original story Peter Pan was the only boy who could not grow up. In spite living in Neverland, his followers, the lost boys, did age, and if they do not die on one of his dangerous adventures, Peter Pan would murder them. Why do you think Disney has altered the story to a less violent version? The media and entertainment industry consist of film, radio, and television. These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books. Media is the fastest route to give information and teach students their morals and values. A child is not capable of differentiating between fantasy and…show more content…
Additionally, the sorrows and grieves are mentioned in some biographies. In conclusion, violence in the media should be censored, and pornography should be banned completely for it triggers adults the most, and as the serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy has said: “There is loose, in their towns and their communities, people like me today whose dangerous impulses are being fuelled day in and day out by violence in the media by its various forms, particularly sexualised violence.” “Some of the violence in the movies are coming to homes today with stuff that they would not show in x-rated adult theatres 30 years ago.” Only together and not apart, we can protect our children, our families, and ourselves physically and psychologically from the terror that violence in the media can cause. Join and sign the

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