Examples Of Violence In Sports

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Chapter 3

Nowadays the introduction of the media and the continous excessive enthusiasm of fans has brought more records of violence outside and inside stadiums.

This chapter will include examples of incidents during sport events and it will show that the violence occured is not only influenced by athletes but also by coaches and spectators.

Below some examples of violence occured during sport matches with its main motivations behind the actions:

In the 21 November 1992 during a rugby match in England where Wales was playing against Australia a fullback received the ball and was hit by a superb tackle made by an opponent.
After the violent tackle the full-back went down and left the pitch with broken ribs, even though it was a violent
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The tackle was so violent that the opponent was eventually hospitalised overnight.
The player that made the fault was suspended for the rest of the playoffs. He later claimed that in a previous action the same situation occur but the referee didn’t call the fault.
After further reasearches made by the NHL federation,they figured out that the player foul was committed for revenge and also that he was arguing aggressively with the rival spectators when he was sitting in the penalty box.

This is an example of how violence in sport can be pushed by pressure to win or by revenge.

In 25 January 1995 during a Premier league match where Crystal Palace was playing Manchester United in London the famous striker Eric Cantona retailed after he was tackled by a player. The referee gave him a red card due to the fact that he saw him kicking another player and eventually sent out of the pitch but while he was walking along the touchline Palace supporters severely provoked

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