Examples Of Virtual Representation

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“No Taxation without Representation.” This would be a heated topic over people not having a say over the issue of taxes.The first war fought in the American Revolution was the french and Indian war, which was between the colonists and the natives over who should attain more land.Britain had a concept of Virtual Representation which meant that people did not get to have a say in the government there was also Actual representation which meant the people did get to have a say in the government.The British used virtual representation as they were taxing the colonies yet they weren’t actually living in the colonies. These were some of the issues that would eventually lead to the start of the American Revolution. Unlike the British the Colonists believed in the concept of Actual Representation which means that the person in the government is from that area. An example of Actual Representation is the Olive Branch Petition. This was a document written by John Dickinson and it proposed that the Colonies wanted their lives to be the way it was before the start of the French and Indian War. The reason why I believe…show more content…
The British would use this to have more power and tax the Colonies. An example of this is the Stamp Act which was the tax on paper products. The Sugar Act which was a tax on molasses because too many people were to smuggle it. These are all examples of Virtual Representation because they came from the King. Taxation without Representation is a Tyranny which is why many of Colonist’s would revolt against the King. Many times especially in the case of the Stamp Act the Colonists would revolt. During the Stamp Act not a single stamp would end up getting sold. All this happened because the King of Britian used virtual representation when he was taxing them, and the colonists believed that taxation without representation is tyranny and
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