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The early English warriors held a certain set of virtues. Throughout Beowulf, these Anglo-Saxon virtues are clearly displayed by the protagonist. Beowulf most exemplifies the values of bravery, prowess in battle, and boasting at the table. One of the most dominate virtues Beowulf has is bravery. Beowulf claims before each battle that he will either win or die trying. He never backs down from a fight, or show signs of being scared. During the fight with Grendel, Beowulf faces the monster weaponless without any hesitation. When a dragon attacks his land, Beowulf attacks it even though it had been fifty years since his last battle. Another trait that Beowulf exhibits is prowess in battle. In every battle, Beowulf is able to find something that he can use to his advantage and attain victory. During his fight with the dragon, for example, Beowulf was able to see the week spot under the dragon and stab it with his knife. He was able to deal the death blow even though he was barely alive. Another example of Beowulf showing prowess in battle is finding the ancient sword during the fight with Grendel’s mother. Instead of being scared due to his sword breaking, Beowulf looks around for something that he can use to win the battle. Because Beowulf has prowess in battle, he is able to be victorious even though he is outmatched.…show more content…
This story is a good representation of the Anglo-Saxon Virtues. Beowulf exemplifies these values well. He shows the virtues by being brave, having prowess in battle, and by boasting at the

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