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Introduction What is Voice actuation or recognition? Voice or speech recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive signals in the form of voice and interpret and carry out commands accordingly. For use in computers, analog signals are first to be converted into digital signals. This process of conversion requires analog signal to be converted in to digital signal. For a computer to interpret a signal, it must possess a set of vocabulary or words to compare with. The speech patterns are first to be stored on the hard drive and loaded into memory when the program is run. A comparator checks these stored patterns of signal against the output of the A/D converter. All voice-recognition systems or programs make errors. Noise in…show more content…
Types of voice recognition systems Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is just one example of voice recognition, below are other related examples of voice recognition systems. • Speaker dependent system - systems are trained by the individual who will be using the system. The drawback of approaching this type of system is that the system only responds accurately only to the individual who has trained the system. This is the most common approach used in software for personal computers. • Speaker independent system: - This system is trained to respond to a word regardless of who speaks. Therefore the system must take action to a large variety of voice/speech patterns. Industrial requirements more often need speaker independent voice systems, such as the AT&T system used in the telephone systems. • Discrete speech recognition - The user must create a pause between each phrase so that the speech recognition can identify each separately spoken word. • Continuous speech recognition - The voice recognition can understand at normal rate of speaking, no such pauses are…show more content…
Therefore in large motors, Electromagnet is used in industrial applications the stator. The field of DC motors can be: 1. Permanent magnet 2. Series 3. Shunt 4. Compound 5. DC servo 6. Dc geared Geared DC motors is actually an extension of DC motor. A geared DC Motor has extended gear assembly attached to the motor. The speed of motor is calculated in terms of rotations/cycles of the shaft per minute and is known as RPM (Rotation per minute). The gear assembly helps increasing the torque and dropping the speed. Using the correct combination of gears in a geared motor, its speed can be reduced to any desirable amount. The concept where gears decrease the speed of the vehicle but increase its torque is called as gear reduction. External Structure The outside structure of a DC geared motor looks as a straight extension over the simple DC motor. The side view of the motor shows the external protrudes of the gear head. A nut shaped metallic ring is placed near the shaft which helps in attaching the motor to the other parts of the assembly. • IC Lm293d IC LM293d is motor driver that is used to drive the motor clockwise or anticlockwise. It is use specifically used to control motors

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