Examples Of Voyeurism In The Hunger Games

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On analyzing the novel "The Hunger Games", we would be able to understand that it is clever satire of Western manias like fashion, reality television shows and the cult of celebrity. The main source of power that has been dealt in the novel is the authorities of the totalitarian government of the Capitol, though Capitol holds almost all the wealth of Panem and was able to control the lives of the people in all the districts. The Hunger Games had been designed in such a way as an ultimate display of power that has been held by the government and also to warn the plebs against rebellion. Every citizen of Panem is destined to be the pawn in an elaborate game of life and death. Though only one contestant could win the Games, all the tributes were forced to slay other corrival from other districts and also one from their own district. Through this symbolic way Capitol hindered the plebs of the districts from joining the rebelling forces, as the Games had distracted the people to divide and fight among themselves. One of the worst factors of the Games is that the government broadcasts all the events as a live…show more content…
The entertainment value will be greater only at the highest rate of sufferings faced by the tributes and ideally witnessing the brutal battle with one another. Voyeurism seems to be the major factor in the minds of the views and that is the reason for gaining interest to watch tributes, who were of course children, fighting and dying. At various points Katniss had talked about past Games and also about the reason for being successful or unsuccessful, and the recurring motif we could see is that the viewers demanded to see the tributes battling one another and not dying too quickly because by then the entertainment may get over quickly. The finale of the Games is to deliver the prolonged suffering of the tributes and so the audience at home seemed to get engaged.

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