Examples Of Wartime Violence

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The worlds take on wartime violence should be hate, and everyone should want to find a way to stop it. Many people choose to stand by and watch the evidence of violence destroy some people. Many have gotten hurt and many have caused that person to hurt just by talking about something or sharing a picture of something online. Everyone needs to be cautious of what they decide to put online. The things people post can have a durastic affect on someones life.
Wartime violence does not benefit anyone of any kind when shown to the public. Showing violence of any kind in most cases would just cause more violence and panic. For example, when a white cop shoots a black male or female, someone somewhere takes a video or picture of it and the story and
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Another example of why showing wartime violence is bad would have to be videos ISIS takes of themselves killing other people. To many it doesn't matter who they killed, just that they killed someone and it was caught on camera. Those videos make it to the news channels and the news channels get it to the whole world which then erupts a panic in the world. People begin freaking out on who the person being killed is or who he was. Wartime violence can never be a good thing because it causes panic and more lives lost in some…show more content…
The actions of advertising war online can cause someones life to change for the worse. Both physical actions and actions online can cause a camotion. Many people can be harmed at rallies, and other social events where large groups of people are involved. Any one can help save a life by not sharing the violence that they see. The world is a harsh place with violence, crime, and hate. Although there is also love in the world. There are so many people in the world that dedicate their lives to help the injured and poor. The people who have been hurt in war have been tried to save with medicine, ambulances, and hospitals. This world is not a place for hate, it is a place for love and care for one another. We are meant to help eachother. We should not be shooting eachother and allowing the world to fight about
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