Examples Of Weekend Getaways

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Most people are normally busy in their usual places of work. Sometimes, you might have a hectic week in your workplace and thereby lack time to have fun with the person you love. This can be detrimental. You need to take time and have fun with your girlfriend. You will realize that weekends are often spent as time to recoup from the stress of the workweek. Weekend trips can do wonders for marriage and family life. Some of the best weekend trips and getaways can be to somewhere in your city or even outside your city. If you have a girlfriend, you can plan for weekend getaways ideas from time to time. There are several ideas for a weekend getaway that you can consider in London. These include:
1. Visit the British Museum
You will realize that the British Museum is a world-famous site with a wide range of exhibits that have been sourced from across the world. It has both prehistoric and modern items. Some of the best exhibits include the ancient Egypt collection with the mummies and Vindolanda tablets. Most of the exhibitions and displays are free to visit. However, there are some special events held in the museum that require tickets. This is a great place where you can visit with your girlfriend.
2. Visit the Science Museum
The Science Museum usually makes it possible to experience, touch and see some of the most fascinating scientific advances that have taken place in the last 300 years. It is a major attraction with nearly 3.2 million visitors exploring the exhibits each
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