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What kind of man is michael obi? Describe him in three different ways. Michael obi is the kind of person who only believes in a perfect world. He is enthusiastic. He has many wonderful ideas. He beliueves in only a perfect life and everything around him should be perfect. Outline the key difficulties micheal obi in the village. For each difficulty he has, give the cause of the problom. For example, obi believes in “many wonderful ideas,” but has not had a lot of experience with people to kguide him in his work. The key difficulties that micheal has with the village are that the church wants to keep the path becasue it ias how we leave this world and go off to heaven. Micheal obi does not believe in this the cause of the problom is that he has too many ideas. The priest also tells him that the path is the way for people to come into the church to be baptised and to pray aswell as it is where they keep their dead people. And michael belives this to not be true…show more content…
Why does achebe describe her as “imitating the womans magazine she read.” Nancy immitates her husband micheal most of the time and does not like that he got a job before her. Achebe describes her in this way becasue she immitates everything she reads hearsetc… In the end, the school is the “ruins of his work”. Why has this happened? What is the writier, chinua achebe, suggesting withg this ending The school has turned to “the the ruins of his work” becasue micheal has just thought of these ideas and iomidiatly put them into play without any thought on it. The writer is suggestinig that not everyone should have the power to do what they want becasue they could believe that they are doing good but he was actually doing something
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