Examples Of Wheel Theory Of Love

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Wheel theory of love is presented by Reiss’s. There are two most crucial concepts of the underlying theory which include self-revelation and rapport. The effective communication has a direct relationship with the wheel theory of love. If there will be effective communication, both of the concepts of the wheel theory of love will be accomplished. Every type of communication, whether it is verbal or written, there is a need that the communication must be effective (Knapp et.al, 2013). The gestures and body language develop an essential component that helps in the accomplishment of the two most important concepts of wheel theory of love. The four concepts that are the part of marriage market are also important and these concepts include exogamy, endogamy, heterogamy, and homogamy. There are natural and ordinary understanding of the expectations and values exists in the endogamy culture. There is no necessity for the conceptualization and exploration of the cultural differences. In an endogamous culture, the self-revelation and rapport are totally ignored. In the exogamous culture, the effective and interpersonal communication is the main route that provides help to the couple in order to develop the self-revelation and rapport where the cultural pressure and external factors do not influence the outcomes and results of the dance. There are two most important steps of the wheel theory of love which includes fulfillment of intimacy and the mutual dependence (Strong et.al, 2013).
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