Examples Of White Privilege In America

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White Privilege in America Recently in America racial tension has increased because events that’s have been occurring across the country. Across the United States (U.S.) black men have been killed by law enforcement and this has sparked protest in its aftermath. The media has started to give more time to these problems so more Americans have learned about them. This has started a conversation on different social issues that include the dominant culture, social privilege in the U.S. As a young black man this has affected me directly. Whether it is the worries that my mother has for me everyday or the awkwardness I feel when talking about social issues in the with my mainly white professors and classmates. Issues of race in the U.S. threatens to oppress minorities by having a culture that has never given the same privilege that whites receive. According to Brainard (2009)," white privilege refers to the unquestioned or invisible preference that white people receive regarding their treatment by others; these may be but are not limited to words, behaviors, and/or actions, policies and practices and or nonverbal communication"(p.10). An example that shows the equal privilege that…show more content…
According to FBI director James Comey, officers in our nation cities sometimes work in an environment where most crimes are committed by young black, after time this causes them to see a young and associate him with crime when they would not do the same for a similar young white man (para.23). It causes young black men to be targeted by the police and incarcerated disproportionate amounts compared to the overall population in the U.S. In a study done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics(2008) it showed that black males over 18 account for 36% of the prison population and five percent of the college population(p.17). In cities where most crime is done by young black males they are likely to be racially profiled and stopped by
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