Work Breakdown Structure

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Work Breakdown
A work breakdown structure is a key undertaking deliverable that arranges the collaboration into sensible areas. The work breakdown structure outwardly characterizes the degree into reasonable pieces that a venture group can comprehend, as each level of the work breakdown structure gives assist definition and detail.
I considered internal and external environmental factors to create the WBS. According to Vaidyanathan (2013) there are two main internal factors that have to be incorporated and taken into account to create the WBS; project’s success factors and their impacts between them, and project strategy. In our WBS success factors include work, material and cost resources such as people (team’s members, electrician, plumbing,
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Some more key factors used to improve the accuracy of duration are:
Assigning more resources to a task on critical path – The only way the duration of the project can be reduced is by reducing the time taken for completing the critical path. One way of reducing project duration is ‘crashing’ where more resources can be allocated to tasks to finish them earlier, and hence reducing duration of the task (Project management Basics, 2011)
Task Fast tracking – In a similar manner some tasks on the critical path, which may be reevaluated for the duration to see if they can be completed faster. This may mean that the team would need to find out creative ways of doing the task so the task can be completed faster, such as by reducing scope if possible, or by using technology or automation to compete the task.
Parallel task completion – Another way of shortening the critical path is by identifying tasks that can be performed in parallel, which would ensure that work required is being done at the same time, thus completing more work in the same
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For example, the resource “Plumber” is tasked at 500% and is over-allocated during the month of May. The resource Mason is tasked at 400% during June and July and is an over-allocated resource as are Riggers which is tasked at 300% during July. There are additional resources over-allocated throughout the project.
There are several ways this can be addressed. For instance adding additional instances of the resource that is over-allocated would be one way to resolve the issue. Another way to resolve the over-allocation would be to extend the timeline or a combination of this and adding additional resources. In either of these instances, it would require approval of both the project owner and project manager in order to be accomplished. We could also examine our timeline for any float or slack and make adjustments accordingly.
Some ways this over allocation can be addressed to resolve this issue is given below:
Assigning overtime work for the facility specialist – The over allocation is due to the facility specialist being allocated more than the 8 hours that he would have to work on any given day. The over allocation can be addressed is by allocating overtime to the facility specialist by which the facility specialist can work more than eight hours per day as scheduled with extra overtime hours, so that the over allocation can be

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