Workplace Diversity Analysis

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Work place diversity and Human Resource management
To analyze impact of diversity at workplace on management, it is necessary to understand the term and have a base for reasoning and conclusions.
Thinking about diversity, first thing that appears in the mind is differences; differences in the negative attitude. Misunderstanding, discrimination and stereotypical beliefs, all those concepts are seems to be closely related with diversity.
But, abstracting from negative thoughts and trying to study the diversity, we will find out, that it could be interpreted absolutely contrary.
"The variety of experiences and perspective which arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical abilities, heritage, age, gender,
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People trust each other when they share style of life, can communicate without interference. To increase trust in the team is necessary to conduct live, face to face meetings where each member has an opportunity to speak out regardless of his or her position in the company.
But this implies that the problem of the language barrier, which is another issue, that have to be solved by HR manager. Failure to understand the message of the interlocutor - it is always a potential obstacle in intercultural communication. Solution to this difficulty seems to be on the surface- organize language courses for the staff within the company. But not all of employees are motivated to spend their leaguer time on improving their skills, so, to push employees for that, managers should create attracting bonus system.
It could be business trips to foreign countries, were employees may have an opportunity to practice communication skills with native speakers, or the competition system, in the form of tests or
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Men are more manageable: they can be persuaded to work more by hitting the vanity and ambitions. It is important for men to realize their potential and gain recognition for that.
Motivation for different age categories is very important too. Young employees will appreciate the willingness of the company to pay for studies or sport. Membership in a sports club or support of a football team for the implementation of the sales plan, for example can be a good motivation for more productive work.
For elder category of employees managers may provide special health care programs or weekends in health resorts, as Czech Republic have several such places which are very attractive for not so young people, preferring calm time spending.
As it was said before in the paper, diversity at workplace may leads several difficulties in managing and relationship among members of a team. It is not easy for the team, which consist of member from differ cultures, gender or age categories, to reach some goals. But with the right, well planed diversity managing strategy it is more than possible.
Each member of a team brings to the group its own special view of the world. If these differences are properly used, the initial diversity can generate "wisdom" of a

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