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According to a survey conducted by the world famous magazine Forbes Insights, with the topic “Workplace Diversity key to Innovation”, it shows that, particularly innovation is a key differentiator to be able to grow and create competitive advantages over businesses main competitors. Nowadays, numerous colossal organizations are increasingly see having a diverse and inclusive workforce as critical to driving the creation and execution of new products, services, and business processes.
The survey is based on the responses of 321 executives at enormous global enterprises ($500 million-plus in annual revenues).
According to Stuart Feil, editorial director of Forbes Insights, said that: “Companies have realized that diversity and inclusion are
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In order for a diversity/inclusion plan to have real meaning, there needs to be accountability and oversight. Seven out of ten companies reported that the buck stops at the C-level and their board of directors.
• Significant progress has been made to build and retain diverse workforces, but there are still some impediments to companies’ efforts. Respondents feel they have made progress in gender diversity, but they feel they’ve fallen short in areas such as disability and age. (Forbes Insights)
4.4.3 Survey: Diversity in the workplace
The following survey was conducted by the writer of the thesis and the main purpose of the survey was to analyze if nowadays different organizations are taking seriously into account the great importance of diversity within their organizations through their employees and in which areas diversity can help organizations to strengthen their position within the market that they are operating.
The survey last for 2 weeks between 20th of March 2015 up to 1st of April 2015.
The survey had 34 responses from employees all around the world, from countries such as United States of America, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Mexico, Turkey,
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Respondents said that helps their business in terms of:
 Language skills (73,5%)
 Productivity (58,8%)
 More creative and innovative workforce (58,8%)
 Greater share of the consumer market (44,1%)
To conclude, the above survey shows that diversity and equality in the workplace is of a great importance for each employee all around the world. As it is shown, huge organizations nowadays are employing diverse workforce and this gives them new advantages over other who do not employee diverse workforce. Furthermore, diversity in the workplace is booming organizations in areas such as language skills, productivity, more creative and innovative workforce and as well as greater market share of the consumers.
On the other hand, the survey shows that even organizations who promote diversity, they struggle to find ways how to better deal and promote diversity. Only, small amount of organizations are having a Diversity Officer who is responsible to deal with diversity issues. Also, few organizations are hosting seminars about diversity issues and also, no one is encouraging employees to attend events about diversity
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