Examples Of Writing A Reflective Essay

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Writing a reflective essay

Appointed with the overwhelming task of writing my first ever reflective essay, I sat motionless, as still as a statue, as my weary fingers hesitantly hovered over the inanimate buttons of my precious keyboard. How would I commence? How would I conclude? Thoughts maniacally rampaged their way through my mind as I envisioned the long tedious journey ahead of me.

As my deadline approached me, the days begun getting aggressively shorter. As if to mock my creative void. As if to reveal my marvellously inconvenient mind, which doges any attempt to recall anything vaguely fruitful. I noticed how the rest of the class has discovered their ideas effortlessly. Was my life just plainly uneventful? I could recall many ups
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I didn’t feel good about this. I started doubting my ability to complete this task. It wasn’t the idea of writing a reflective essay which daunted me, it was the idea of reflecting on my life. I didn’t want to over analyse the choices I have made, since that usually results in not so enjoyable thoughts.

Through some Olympic-level google searching I continued my search for an idea, however I ended up using an idea which had occurred to me right before going to sleep. I once read that the brain is at its most creative point right before going to sleep. I can only further appreciate the utterly complex piece of meat which is our brain at times like this. Life has many ways of surprising us, that’s why it’s so interesting to live, you never know what going to happen in your frivolous voyage.

Now I have my idea and all the time I would ever need at my disposal. From here it becomes easy right? No. the next obstacle I must face is writing the essay itself. Doing work is a bit like brushing your teeth; you know you will thank yourself if you do it, but you still have that bit of hesitation which nibbles on you every time you must. I knew I had no choice though. I had to cross the river of procrastination while being chased by a ferocious
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