Exceptional Behaviors

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The roles of preschool teachers in the management of children with exceptional behaviors can be determined and observed through the use of different classroom management strategies. Related studies for this discuss Preschool Curriculum, Preschool Teachers, Classroom Management, Exceptional Children, Exceptional Behaviors and Identification of Children with Exceptional Children.
Pre-school Curriculum It has been well established that early childhood is a crucial time for children’s cognitive development (Bowman, Donovan & Burns, 2001). Preschool curriculum includes the entire span of teachings and lessons that a child will be taught during the course of a preschool year (Rock, 2015). Preschool curriculum covers a wide variety of academic,
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The concept diversity is for the definition of exceptionality; the need for special education is for an educational definition. Exceptional learners differ from most (typical or average) individuals in a particular way that is relevant to their education. Their educationally relevant difference demands instruction that differs from what most (typical or average) learners require. In an excerpt from Exceptional Children an Introduction to Special Education, Heward (2006) defined exceptional children that includes those students who experience difficulties in learning as well as those whose performance is so superior that modifications and specialization in instruction and curriculum are necessary to help them attain their potential. Exceptional children should be recognized and identified in an early age, mostly during pre-school, in order to limit the possible development of…show more content…
According to IDEA, eligibility for special education services requires two findings: first, the student must meet the criteria for at least one of the thirteen disabilities recognized in the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or the counterparts thereof in state law, and second, special education and/or related services must be required for the student to receive an appropriate education.
There are four special education process that can be used by a general education teacher in identifying children with exceptionalities as stated by Poggi and Rineer-Hershey (2011). These four processes are the simplified version of the whole sped process: (1) child find process; (2) referral/screening; (3) evaluation and (4)

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