Exceptional Manager Challenges

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The Seven challenges to becoming an exceptional manager includes; achieving a stretch of goals, bringing out the best of the employees, and dealing with underperforming employees. Also they have to deal with outstanding, while hiring the right people to work and responding to crisis. An exceptional manager also makes sure that continuous improvements take place throughout the managerial time. Managers need to achieve a stretch of goals so the company can succeed and prosper and employees can set goals for the employees to create a well-rounded work force. The managers need to set goals for the company and the employees to achieve these when the goals are accomplished things will fall in place and everyone will want to work. The manager…show more content…
The managers need to build a relationship with all of their employees, I feel like most managers do not excel in this portion of managerial aspects or they have a bad relationship with the employees. The manager needs to communicate regular with their employees this will help build each relationship. You will find out the wants, the needs, their family, and what would make you a better manager. When you have a great relationship with the employees it will make it easier to address problems with their work and other things with in the company. Also if an employee is doing very well the praising will be more real and worthwhile to the employees and the company. This is why a good wat to bring out the best in employees by just building a healthy relationship with the…show more content…
A manager should hire people who truly want to work. The managers need to place or list the requirements of the job and become very specific with it so that it appeals only to those who are serious about working for the company and will only apply if they are completely interested. The managers should look for employees who have a line of success so that there will be many people who apply for a job and those who have been fired for many reasons or have failed they probably will not be the best choice if you are looking to hire someone who is statistically going to be a success and become a long term employee. As a manager you can always network and see what other people who know the applicant at a personal level or who have worked alongside the applicant. You can also talk to their former place of employment to get their story or opinions about the said applicant. The manager can also prescreen the applicants to narrow the number down to a far smaller group of qualified people. Also if the economy is good you may be able to recruit from other companies and not settle for other people or less than the best if you are looking for a specific person for a specific job such as a CEO looking to find a CFO. You would not want to just settle for anyone. This is some ways to make sure you hire the right employees from a big pool of
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