Exceptions To The Civil War Analysis

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Jones believes that it’s expected that United States government would make exceptions to the Child Soldiers Prevention Act for allies and other countries which are “vital” to us as a nations. Her ideas come from her perception that children are being coerced into becoming soldiers on American soil. Jones believes JROTC programs and other forms of military education for minors is the United States own more civilized form of creating child soldiers. I have to disagree with Jones’s belief.
Firstly, I agree that the US should not offer military aid to countries which do not qualify for it. However, depending on what is in the best interest of the US, I understand why exceptions to this regulation are made. In order to take care of our own citizens and allies, we need to protect our own interests first.
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How can one be considered a “child” soldier if they are no longer a child? The argument that youth is persuaded to join the military from a young age is also an invalid point. With JROTC and other junior military programs enrollment is voluntary. There is no forced participation except for perhaps on the guardian 's side, which is justified. To say promotion of service in combination with an individual 's own ambition and goals is coercion, an option is being presented and that individual is allowed the freedom to make their own choice without consequence. If no one is forced to be involved and no one serving is a minor, the US can not possibly have child

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