Excerpt From Lord Of The Flies Dialectical Journal

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The woman with the long black skirt opened the door, while wiping the tears from her eyes. A man on the other side of the door asked the woman, do you want to save your son. A boy with fair hair came running to the door when he heard the murmurs of his mother. The boy with the fair hair tried to listen but wasn 't able to hear the response the woman gave the man. The woman didn 't know if she should go through the nuclear war together or should save her son. “Ya’ll best take care of my son. I love you , you 're a strong boy that will make it far.” , the woman screamed while they walked away. The boy with the fair hair was put in an old plane, uncomfortable, but would keep him safe. In the plane there were other boys. Most of the…show more content…
“She lost most of that long red hair of hers. Man, I do miss that one.”, the chubby boy tried to stay strong. “ Do you know what happened?” , Simon asked from a far. “ Na. She just stopped visiting and sending letters and whenever my dad mentioned her to my mama she would cry. So I 'm guessing she in a better place.”, the chubby boy responded. “Aren 't any of you sad or afraid ya might not ever see ya family again?” , the chubby boy asked. “ I know I am. That question was the fact everyone was trying not to face. All of the boys went back to looking like statues not knowing what to say or what to think. Some of the boys trying to stay positive while others tried to remember what was the last thing they said to their loved ones. Most of the younger boys started to cry and scream. All of a sudden all of the boys started to scream. The didn 't scream because of their families but because the plane was speeding to the ground. The boy with the fair hair looked around wondering what was going to happen, if they were all going to live or die. No one knew when the worst part was going to happen if it was going to be when they crashed or while they were falling and not knowing what was going to happen. “Are we going to die” “ What just
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