Excerpt From The Book 'Trapped' By Tamara Draut

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In an excerpt from the book called, Strapped, written by Tamara Draut, it talks about how college campuses rather than preparing their students to succeed they have been endorsing products that are initially setting them up to fail. It goes on more than just students of colleges being set up to fail, it also talks about young adults getting credit cards. I will be analyzing and discussing the different aspects of this excerpt.
The introduction and thesis statement of this argument seems to be written quite well. It starts off by explaining what exactly this excerpt from the book Strapped is going to be about. “Most graduates 20 years ago expected to leave college with some student-loan debt along with their newly earned diplomas. But many of
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I would say that the author did a good job on writing the body paragraphs. For example, she says, “At colleges across America, especially at state universities, credit card companies have taken a page out of the student organizations’ playbook and table alongside the best of them. But the card companies have a leg up on the student groups: swag, and lots of it. In exchange for filling out a credit card application, students can get free stuff ranging from T-shirts to mugs and pizzas.” As you can see, it talks about credit cards and products which were two of the main things that were going to be discussed. However, at the end of the excerpt she goes off topic and talks about something else. For example, she says, “Young adults aren’t alone in struggling to save money. Over the last twenty years, our nation’s personal saving rate has plummeted from about 8 percent through the 1980s and early 1990s to zero in 2005—its lowest point since the Great Depression” and “If today’s young adults can be accused of wanting it all too soon, the ‘it’ isn’t riches, gadgets, or luxury cars. The elusive ‘it’ that today’s twentysomethings are after is financial independence, and then, hopefully, financial security.” As you can see this doesn’t talk about credit cards, credit card debt, or even products that are being promoted it talks about something different. Since she brings this into the picture she can fix it by adding it to her
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