Excerpt From The Essay 'Appetite' By Laurie Lee

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In this excerpt from the essay “Appetite,” written by Laurie Lee, Lee explains why appetite is one of our major pleasures and what we should be doing to protect it. The author starts off talking about the qualities of fasting, and how he believes we should give up our pleasures regularly in order to preserve their intensity. To strengthen his argument, Lee tells a story of the men separating from the women and children leaving them to starve until the men returned with food. After the men return home, they continue on to feed their family and celebrate with them. The author ends the essay by actually telling us why it is important to preserve our appetite. Based off the excerpt of the essay presented, the author did not have a specific audience. The phrase, “So I think we should…show more content…
Though Fasting seems like a great idea and has a wonderful cause, I have never been forced into it; I have never fasted because it was my only option. While it was not always wanted to eat, I cannot say that I have ever had to go hungry for a long period of time.
• Ethos: “Fasting is an act of homage to the majesty of appetite.”
- This quote provides the reader with an example of Ethos because it shows how strongly the author feels about the benefits of fasting and the good it does for an individual’s appetite.
• Syntax: Life is short and precious, and appetite is one of its guardians, and loss of appetite is a sort of death.” So if we are to enjoy this short life, we should respect the divinity of appetite…”
- An example of syntax is presented in this phrase because of the arrangement of the words. The phrase uses a “trickle-down effect” to emphasize how not preserving your appetite could lead to “a sort of death.”
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