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In the story "Excerpt from the winter hibiscus" There is a girl named Saeng. Saeng just failed her drivers test and on her way home she enters a flower shop. When she enters the shop she is reminded of when she used to live in Laos which she moved from 4 years ago to move to the United States. Saeng starts to look at all the different flowers and she finds A plant that used to grow around where she lived. This made her think about her home and it also brought up some sad emotions.

After Saeng fails her drivers test and enters the flower shop she is easily reminded of her home. When she sees what she calls "Dok malik" she starts to get emotional and starts to cry. The hibiscus plant meant a lot to here. The hibiscus plant reminded her of when she was young and it gave her a reminder of what being home felt like. It made her sad because it reminded her what it felt like to leave her home. To her the plant represents home, it represents what it used to feel like back home. I know this because in the story it states "a wave of loss so deep and strong that it stung Saeng's eyes ow sewpt over her, a blink a channel switch a boat
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Her mother shrieks with excitement and joy. Given her reaction her and Saeng have different feelings toward the plant. The hibiscus plant reminds her of her childhood. As soon as she saw it she asked where did you get it. I think that her mom doesn't think of the sad things about leaving home I think she associates her leaving her home with happy memories it obviously hurts that she's not there be she obviously doesn't feel that much pain towards leaving like saeng did. In the text it states that Saeng's mom said "Mrs. panouvong uttered a small cry of surprise and delight." This shows how her relationship with the hibiscus plant is a good one, she sees herself and her happy moments in that

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