Excessive Pride In Homer's The Odyssey

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At first sight, The Odyssey is an epic just like many others, but once you delve into this tale of murder and adventure you become engrossed into the literature and style of this book. The Odyssey has become by many literature enthusiasts and has been transcribed into the book that we read. The Odyssey takes us through a never ending story that has been translated over hundreds of years by many different authors, but was first written in Greek. The book was first written near the end of the 8th century by authors Robert Fagles and Homer. major themes that have stuck with the plot through the the book are excessive pride, hospitality and living up to parents expectations.
One clear theme in The Odyssey is the theme of excessive pride and lack
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Now, Odysseus will be punished for what he has done as the cyclops asks for Odysseus to "come home late... A broken man." If he had just left without a huge commotion. Odysseus did not intentionally let this happen but his lack of humility usurped all of his better judgment because at first he was anonymous and said nobody. What I have learned about excessive pride is that having both too little and too much is a bad thing. A personal example for me was getting a good grade on a piece of work and taking excessive pride which not only annoyed the others around me but also set an exceedingly high example which when the next quiz came I failed. Good rules to follow about excessive pride is that yes you should have a little bit of pride in you work but making something that is not or over emphasizing something just takes the uniqueness and specialty of the grade of any achievement. A thing that I was taught from an early age about excessive pride is that having too much will not only make me look arrogant but so will too little, you just have to find the balance. I was told that If I do an outstanding piece of work you should take pride in it and not lower what it is for attention of standards. I was also told that I shouldn't make myself seem like the best there is because there is always someone who is
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