Excessive Use Of Social Media

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In the fast developing contemporary world, it seems to be that people cannot spend a day without social media, despite the fact of its numerous negative effects. The vulnerable teenagers should limit the use of social media by spending less time on the Internet as it can cause a number of negative consequences: it can lead to health as well as social problems. Proponents, however, argue that social media changed lives to the better as it made communication easier and faster and there are no negative effects from social media. They might also say it is impossible to withdraw from the Internet at all. This may be true and their argument is valid, nevertheless, all the negative impacts on one’s physical as well as mental health and social life outweigh the mentioned advantages. Social media has various negative impacts on the physical well being. Excessive use of social media can jeopardize our health. First of all, it should be mentioned that the Internet, for instance, takes time away: instead of morning exercises, one would rather read some new portion of news or check e-mail. People are always staring at their smartphones either for reason or for no reason at all. The most frequent health problems are thought to be those that are connected with vision and body posture. Spending long hours on smartphones or electronics can result in various eye problems such as tension headaches, dry eye and a strain in the eyes (Chan, 2011). People of different age and gender spend
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