Excessive Use Of Technology Essay

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The technology is growing daily and rapidly, what was once a luxury for some, today are everyday accessories for most. The use of new technologies has led to a radical change in the daily lives of our children and youth. The reality they live is very different from some decades ago and this makes technological devices used almost automatically from an early age .Video games, Internet, television and technological devices such as phones, or tablet computers have become almost indispensable tools in their daily lives. TV is usually associated with negative effects especially for children because they spend a lot of time watching TV for hours without doing anything productive, also some adults but less because majority of adults work. In contrast, tablets or iPads have the option of downloading entertainment applications at the same time are educational, so that children are not only visually entertain, but also learn and actively interact. One of the main negative effects is the excessive use of technology. If you or your children spend…show more content…
Pediatricians believe that long use of screens in children makes them more passive, while the lack of physical contact with others leads to lack of interaction and damages the healthy development of the senses of children. Something that happen a lot to me is when I’m studying and I have to use much technology this affects enormously my sleep. The brightness and electromagnetic waves, radio frequency emissions, microwave, sound, this affect greatly the sleep. Leave the exercise this shake lots the healthy, and consequently obesity and other diseases. People who watch a lot of TV are exposed to food advertising directed at them but without presenting anything nutritious and something that I learned in life, if you don’t have self-control what you see that is what you would like to
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