Excessive Use Of Technology In Education

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Learning using convenient technology, digital learning plays a significant role in schools and education. Technology is widely utilized in modern education, and students have received a great impact from digital learning. Students engaged more in a digital brimming classroom, and digital learning brought students a convenient way to the resource. In addition to, increasing speed of reading is also displayed by digital technologies. Digital learning will help students to learn more quickly therefore improving the quality of education. Even though technology assists students to achieve improvements at school, excessive use of technology will cause distraction therefore hurting students ' ability to study. Ojalvo writes, if one overuses technology, he/she will “feel like they are missing out on something” (Ojalvo 13). People tend to check their notifications from their phones at all times. Similarly, when students use their phone to research, check grades or write, they will easily get attract by their social networking sites. Students wish to find out the new things happened online and they are unable to pause themselves. Hence, they get procrastinated and delay their original purpose of using phones-studying. However, the above situation only occurs when there is no regulation on the usage of technology among students. If students use the technology properly, then it 's beneficial. Teachers have established a cell phone policy based on the fact that phones are unavoidable
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