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1. Why do you want to be part of the UW Premed Exec team?

I want to be part of the UW Premed Exec Team because I want to aid in its effort to make accurate information and worthwhile resources about medicine-related careers accessible to others also pursuing a career in medicine. Half the battle to actualizing a medical career is knowing what, when, where, how, and why, questions that are more so relevant today than ever before, considering the incredible rate at which the medical landscape is and will continue to transform. To mitigate some of the stress involved in pursuing such a career path – answering most of the what, when, where, how, and why -- I want to be at the forefront of medical education education.

2. What past extracurricular activities make you suited for the role of publicist?

Throughout my high school career and as an executive member of Peer Coaching, an organization of “student counsellors”, and the Canadian
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If given the opportunity to introduce an event idea to the exec team, I would propose an event at which: what not to do is discussed, so that aspiring students focus on avoiding critical blunders, not on molding themselves into a cookie-cutter applicant template; experts discuss what students can expect from medicine in the next decade, seeing as how medicine is shifting drastically toward a more humanistic approach; MCAT tutors address common mistakes that medical applicant; students in the midst of pursuing medical careers explain how to best network for research opportunities or summer job positions in the medical field. These are questions that most students aspiring for medicine ask and, in the same breath, these are questions that require more than a Google and, for that, they deserve to be

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