Recruitment Strategies

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Success can only be achieved with the existence of hard work, and that is exactly why the aim of the campaign will certainly assure the recruitment of the sufficient and effective amount of employees in regards to the size, the main focus and the target market of the Restaurant. The HR team will be responsible of recruiting the positions that are only crucial to ensure the outlet’s effective operation whilst maximizing profits during and after the re-opening of the hotel. Consistency, as well as maintaining the luxurious standard of the hotel are two other important factors that are well in consideration during the selection process of the correct candidates.

2. Recruitment strategy:

The variety of recruitment strategies is abundant and
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Maintain highest professional food quality and sanitation standards within the restaurant.

Job Duties:

1. Creates a menu for the restaurant
2. Plans and schedules the work done by other chefs
3. Requests for food that is required for the kitchen if running short
4. Must maintain high standards of sanitation procedures in the kitchen
5. Establish ways to lower the level of food/water waste or theft
6. Set dates for meeting guests in the dinning room to ensure perfection of dishes
7. Provides professional development and training for kitchen staff
8. Maintain cleaning schedule for all kitchen supplies and machines (also maintenance if needed).
9. Tests the products to ensure good quality that meets with restaurant standards.
10. Observes other staff member when cooking to make sure it’s correct.
11. Keep developing dishes for new and fresh tastes.
12. Briefing with staff members before and after shifts.

Job environment:

1. Kitchen
2. Will be provided an office
3. Dining room on occasions to meet with
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Firstly, employment agencies, agencies of this sort make a big difference and facilitate the process, choosing to hire one or many agencies, this will be able to provide a large pool of candidates that have previous experiences. However, it may be costly to hire such firms as they may charge a base fee or a fee per hired candidate. Secondly, a method that could be used is through the online network, where candidates could be found on certain social media networks such as LinkedIn for example. This is not the most practical of solutions as it provides a huge group of candidates in which some may not be as serious as others. However, this option is not costly as using, posting and searching via such websites is free. Thirdly, the process that can be implemented is advertising. Be it via magazines or newspapers, this process attracts many candidates that are somewhat serious. Some of which may or may not have experience, but it mainly attracts candidates that are currently searching for jobs and would be willing to get paid a little bit less than their colleagues who are already working fixed jobs with steady incomes. This approach may be the most expensive out of all three but it is definitely an effective

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