Executive Leadership In The Federal Government

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While the federal government’s number of employees appears to be halted, their method of hiring remains a field filled with criticism and change. Milakovich and Gordon (2013) state the seven phases “in the evolution of federal personnel administration” (287). Showing the constant change to the personnel systems of the government, reinforces the concept of ever changing hiring systems and requirements. Each change brings about criticism and an opportunity to approach the hiring system from a new perspective. Currently, Milakovich and Gordon believe the US is a “government by “citizens, experts, and results”” (287). Public-sector personnel systems contain three key elements: strong executive leadership, political neutrality, and a balanced demographic…show more content…
In order to differentiate the executive leadership, the bureaucrats, at the federal level, are on a different pay schedule. By instituting a higher pay schedule, the federal government is able either to entice executives from the private sector or to keep current executives in the federal government instead of looking to the private sector for a higher salary. Leadership is key in any organization, without a strong leader an organization can flounder and become ineffective. Especially in the federal government, the higher level one is in the bureaucracy the easier it becomes to move from one agency to another. Moving from one agency to another allows the agency to gain a new employee with the needed skills and allows the employee the continued opportunity to grow and possibly…show more content…
Meaning, the bureaucracy handles responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. Mentioned above, low pay deters executives from joining the public sector but it also deters those at the entry-level positions as well. Recruitment for the bureaucracy now includes tests to assist in finding candidates who can fulfil the requirements of the position and to be as fair as possible. For government positions, the required qualifications are truly required for the positions. While in the private sector if the hiring manger really likes the candidate or the candidate comes with excellent references, the company can overlook their lack of qualifications and still offer the candidate the job, in the public sector this is not an option. For a candidate to be considered for a position in the public sector, the candidate must meet all of the required qualifications for the

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