Executive Summarizon: A Case Study: Verizon

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Verizon kept coming up short when it came to capturing the number one spot of Training Top 125 but in 2012 they finally succeeded in getting that number one spot (Kinicki & Williams, 2013. PG 257). This started out with setting up their three main business goals for 2011 which were to build a business and workforce as good as its networks, to lead in shareholder value creation and to be recognized as an iconic technology company. This is the quote that I found that help me to understand what exactly shareholder value is “The value delivered to shareholders because of management 's ability to grow earnings, dividends and share price. In other words, shareholder value is the sum of all strategic decisions that affect the firm 's ability to efficiently increase the amount of free…show more content…
You recommend what actions would need to be taken to remove those obstacles and at the end each team reported to top executives in a form of Individual Accountability Plan. The IAP’s that were selected to be pursued were sent to Lowell McAdam and business unit presidents for review and follow-up. They also focused on attracting and retaining the best talent from universities and colleges in which new hires after graduation would complete a minimum of two job rotations and 24 month customized leadership curriculum. For iconic technology company goal for the front line sales and service reps Verizon delivered 60,000 plus hours of technology and device training also giving them a library basically of information they could access at any time they needed to. Also for new hires they monitored their progress with scorecards at 30, 60, 90 and 120 days post training. Also they have video/audio podcasts which is popular with employees these show how the new devices work so the employees know what the customer is talking about when they call in asking questions or needing help with their devices. Also they do trials or pilots so they can work out any issues before products are released out into the

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