Case Study: Ferbow's Restaurant

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Executive Summary

Ferbow’s restaurant is located at 30 George Street.
This location is in a perfect spot as there is a lot of footfall as it is located on a main street and is surrounded by shops. The past business in this spot was a clothes shop and a Ladbrokes betting office. This property is 675 square foot on ground and an upstairs of 290 square foot. The price for yearly rent would be €32,000. This is a high price but I believe if I go through with this business I see myself making more than that for a year in the location.
The style of food I would do in this restaurant would be Mediterranean food so it can combine elements from Italy, France and Spain. This would enhance my menu due to the variety of food I could use. I would still
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The financial manager would be my partner John Fox. Mary Small would be our restaurant manager who will also take care of marketing and advertising.

Organisational charts are charts displaying the structure of hierarchies of your business. This shows the links of management all the way from workers to the owners /CEO of the business.
The advantages of an organisational chart would be that it would clearly outline the work responsibilities and the managers you report to. Also new managers of another area may need to know all their jobs and how it works into another area e.g. front of house manager has responsibilities making sure waiters/waitresses get the correct food from the kitchen.

2.2 Legal Ownership:
In a partnership which is two or more people joining together to form a business or company. The partners share the profits or losses of the business which they have invested. In general the partners in the business are legally responsible for the business and the overall control rests with the
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Some of this team will act as advisors to us on a regular basis e.g. accountants, I.T. professional and very important in our business will be our health and safety advisor. We also have a solicitor and insurance advisor. Also it will be very important to have good communication with our bank or financial institution.

2.5 HR Needs
There would be a need for a good HR manager starting off as we would require people to fill roll of waiters/waitress, cooks/chefs and cleaning personnel. The head chef would be the the main person in hiring of chefs as they would have to work with them on a daily basis. My partner John Fox will look after HR.
This would be a programme set up by the HR manager for new staff. This will give new workers a chance to meet the other staff and get and incite as to how the company works. HR would have to explain how the company works and the rights of the employer and employee.
Training Plans:
There will be plans set up by the HR manager and the employer to train the employee in their own methods of work. From time to time the company will give courses like manual handling courses and safety courses to its staff. There will also be refresher course in managing food waste on an ongoing
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