Executive Summary: Godavari Flour Mill In Nepal

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Godavari Flour Mill is a well- established company in Far-western region of Nepal. It produces several wheat products for the market. Ever since the launch of its brand ‘Megha’, it has been able to gain publicity in form of word of mouth because of its highly modern machines and the quality which it provides. In a short period of time, with the help of modern marketing tools and able workforce, it has been sharply able to market its brand. Its purpose is to serve masses and provide the best quality of wheat products in Nepal.
According to AMA, marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and
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The thought is that all physical and economic access to food that meets people’s dietary needs as well as their food preferences should be achieved by all human beings.
Nepal is principally an agrarian country, wherein 67% of the population is engaged in agriculture. In Nepal agriculture is subjugated by small and marginal holdings. Nepal has rich climatic inconsistency having sub-tropical to alpine climate due to high altitude range. Therefore, the country is suitable to produce a variety of food crops, pulses, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables. Cereals are the most significant crops of Nepal sharing 49.41% in the AGDP. Among cereals, rice is the main crop sharing 20.75% of the total AGDP. After rice, maize, wheat, potato, millet and barley are the vital food crops of Nepal.
Flour Mills are considered among the most traditional units. If we take into consideration the local needs and market requirement, flour mills can be established at different levels -Domestic flour mills, commercial flour mills, bakery/mini flour mills and roller flour
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There is scope for establishing flour mills in all important centres in the tribal areas. It is found that tribals have to go to long way to get flour produce on job work basis in many places.
Since Nepal’s economy is largely agriculture- based, most of the farmers are indulged in the practice of growing and producing wheat. Wheat is the key ingredient in the production of flour products. The domestic production of wheat is sufficient to meet the demand for raw material by the different flour mills in the country. The Far-Western region is considered to be a prosperous land of agriculture and is blessed with ample rainfall throughout the year. However, during the period of crisis, the owners of these flour mills acquire wheat from its neighboring countries like India and China. The improved trade relations between Nepal and these neighboring countries ensure smooth and adequate trade flow. Thus, in all these favorable conditions, the owners of these flour mills are satisfied with their

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