Executive Summary: Is Water A Basic Human Right?

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1. I think water is a basic human right because water is a natural resource and everyone receives the complete rights to use it. Moreover, water as a commodity will only be available to those who can pay for it while the poor people will have to struggle for it. Water is very important for living beings to survive and we cannot replace it with other things to survive. The water cycle makes it inconceivable for anyone to claim possession of water because it is constantly in motion. Thus, it should not be utilized for financial purposes and it should be respected as a right. The government is responsible for supplying the people with clean water for personal and domestic use. The government should enforce the necessary criteria for water services which meets the requirements of the public and do not breach human rights.…show more content…
The agencies should negotiate to cooperate on the management and distribution of clean water services. The government also needs to involve residents in solutions. The government should use money through taxes the public pay to meet the cost requirements for obtaining and delivering clean fresh water to the public. 2. Lack of clean, fresh water is linked with poverty. Most of the people are dying from diseases due to poor water and sanitation services. Financially well people receive more access to water than poor people. Corporations only think of increasing their profit and they just increase the prices of water which poor cannot afford. I believe the government should contract with those corporations who value water as a basic human right and who are not concerned with earnings. The corporation should agree to supply the public with affordable and clear water. Water management is the main ground for lack of clean, clean water. The government should play the principal character in water management and access not

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