Executive Summary Of Bic Ballpens In The Philippines

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Executive Summary BIC Ballpens has been available here in the Philippines for over 40 years now. It was first sold in Europe by a Frenchman Marcel Bich who made the name BIC to make it more short and easy to be remembered. It became first choice of many people especially among the average users that even book stores put stocks of BIC ball pens that made it considered as a necessity. With that, BIC became a leader in the market and its popularity leads other competitors to envy it. During the 21st century, Bic Ballpen’s popularity turned down and is no longer considered as the leader of pens. They also said that the pen is near to extinction because of the reason that it did not reinvent its product and maintained its packaging as old as ever. On the other hand, BIC became a generic name for pens rather than a brand name. With that decline it made, we aim to revive the brand by creating an advertising campaign for the company’s product such as poster, television commercial and an audio visual presentation to reach larger audience and inform them of its existence. We also proposed a new tagline which is “Writes just like for the first time” which means choosing BIC Ballpen is like choosing the best choice, the best among the best when it will be like writing for the very first time, writing with the very first ink to its very last spot will be at the same excellence and it is not just like that when we say the quality of lifespan of the pen it means even if how many times it

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