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Executive Summary Under Armour is an American company where sell sports equipment. This including footwear, sports, casual apparel and accessories. The company is founded in1996 by Kevin Plank. The headquarters is in Maryland, United States. Moving together with the development of technology, Under Armour introduce Under Armour Healthbox. UA Healthbox ise an all-encompassing package that can track and record every aspect of your fitness and health. The Healthbox consist of 3 items which are, UA Heart Rate, UA Band, UA Scale, and 1 additional application, UA Record. The Healthbox bundle price is currently $219.99. These items can also be bought separately. For UA Heart Rate, UA Band and UA Scale price is $80, $79.99 and $99.99 respectively. UA Heart Rate can monitor the heart rate for workout which can assess our effort level during workout. The information is then beam live to UA Band. This shows that this two is a complementary items. UA Band is made up of a comfortable, lightweight wrist-worn that can measure resting heart rate. This band has a fast charging time from 0% to 99% for 33 minutes and from 0% to 100% for 55 minutes. The battery life of UA Band is estimated up to 5 days upon full charging. UA Band is a multipurpose watch, it can set an alarm, measure the heart rate, display incoming message, and many more function like other smartwatch. UA Scale is a sleek disc-shaped digital scale that able to track our body weight, body fat percentage, and made progress toward

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