Executive Summary: The Conflict Between Chile And Bolivia

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Executive summary The conflict between Chile and Bolivia is one of the longest-running disputes in Latin America. This paper is going to explain how the conflict started since the War of the Pacific, where Bolivia lost an important part of its territory. And until today is still claiming it, proceeding on international spheres likes the International Court in The Hague. This conflict has scaled in magnitude and it’s reflected in the resentment among the population of both countries. Background The region was developing independentist processes, so it was fundamental to define borders with neighbor countries. The context of the conflict is created principally in the Atacama Zone because it was a territory that propitiated different interpretations of the limits of sovereignty exercised by both countries. Chile claimed to the parallel 23, while Bolivia ratified its sovereignty to the parallel 25. During the conservative government of Manuel Bulnes, Chile looked for the territorial consolidation to north and south. Subsequently,…show more content…
It stopped the mineral exportations and set the prohibition of new taxes of any kind during the next 25 years. During this year Bolivia insisted on his position and the government of Chile, trying to find a solution to the dispute showed interest to consider a boundary treaty between both countries. But Bolivian internal political problems prevented further progress of these negotiations. The abundance of guano in the region, that was substituted for salt and later by copper was the main reason of the “War of the Pacific”. Chile had a strong bourgeoisie but had few natural resources available in their territory. This was the main reason for Chile to forward in partnership with the British capital on the Bolivian coast. Economic expansion mobilized Chilean workers to the north, so Atacama was conquered before the military conquest occurred. Description of the

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