Five Exemplary Leadership Practices

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The survey was conducted using Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). This LPI contains 30 statements that are associated with each of the five exemplary practices of exemplary leadership which uses a five point Likert scale. This is an instrument that was developed through triangulation of qualitative and quantitative research methods and studies (Posner, 2015). Though for this survey, I used the five point Likert scale, the instrument has however been reformulated into a more robust and sensitive ten point Likert scale. The anchors for the new scale include (1) Almost never do what is described in the statement ; (2)Rarely ; (3) Seldom ; (4)Once in a while ; (5)Occasionally ; (6)Sometimes ; (7)fairly often ;(8) Usually ; (9)very frequently…show more content…
The use of frequencies, modes, averages and range is significant in identifying semblance between my self-rating and that of my colleagues with the case of outliers being very important in helping me assess my leadership practices further in order to improve through relevant leadership development activities. This is through my approach through continuous personal development which I usually undertake by attending seminars which I pay for myself, while others are organized by the company, or through seminars that i should recommend for the company by filling in training needs assessment…show more content…
Other statistical measures would have included; chi-square measure of association and Kendall Tau B (Boone & Boone, 2012). There is need for testing for both reliability (Polit & Beck, 2012), and validity Hagan (2014) by ensuring that indeed leadership practices were being measured to ensure that the scales used are consistent and accurate in measuring leadership practices. I would need to take the same test using a different representative sample or even using the same sample after some time through test-retest in order to measure its consistency. Reliability must be addressed before addressing validity since there can be no validity without reliability (Kimberlin & Winterstein, 2008). By using Cronbach’s alpha and picking values of at least 0.7 i would be able to identify the extent of internal consistency or lack of it and thus know whether to improve the scale of measurement or use it as it

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