The Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

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1. In chapter 1 they talk about the five practices of exemplary leadership. These five practices are what leaders should engage in to make extraordinary things happen in an organization. The five practices consist of Modeling the Way, Inspiring a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act, and Encouraging the heart. Using these five practices frequently and effectively can be a key factor to having a positive influence on others and on an organization. Two ideas from this chapter that I believe are vital when discussing leadership come from the five practices, and those two ideas are: inspiring a shared vision and enabling others to act. When you inspire a shared vision with those that you are leading, and they believe in it,…show more content…
Four of my core values that I believe can inform a good leader are Respect, Honesty, Reliability, and Positivity. When a leader respects his workers/employees/team he or she shows them that they are valued and when they recognize that, respect becomes mutual which then leads to productive and engaged employees. In my opinion, is the second core value I believe can inform a good leader. Without honesty a leader can’t lead with integrity. When you are an honest leader you earn trust from those you are leading, and when you are trusted work can get done more efficiently and effectively. Reliability is another core value that can inform a good leader. Being a reliable leader can improve efficiency in an organization and it gives those that you are leading a peace of mind knowing that they can count on you at any given time. Lastly, and most important, core value that can inform a good leader is positivity. Positivity plays a key role when it comes to leadership because part of being a leader is setting the type of energy you want around you. If you are not expressing a positive attitude to those that you are leading, it is likely that they will not express a positive attitude; as the leader you must set the energy that is wanted and have those around you inherit that energy and build from it.

3. After considering Kouzes-Posner First and Second Law of leadership I believe that the second law will allow you to exercise effective leadership. The second law of leadership states “You
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• Credibility – when everyone delivers and performs a task that they promise, trust is built and working together become more efficient.
• Communication – being clear and concise with written and verbal communication can avoid error and mistakes.
• Teamwork – helping one another means that as a team we either rise together or fall together, the determinant to whether if we rise or fall depends on how well we execute working as a team.
• Respect – treating others the way you want to be treated.
• Listening – actively listening and focusing on what’s being said or needs to be done can avoid misinterpretations and errors.
My Commitment
I am committed to lead our team to the best of my ability and share all my values above with everyone. I am committed to be assertive yet fair at the same time. I’m committed to be open to many different opinions and ideas while taking them into deep consideration.
I look forward to meeting and working alongside each and everyone of you and look forward to the success we all can achieve
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