Exemplary Student Athletic Trainer Award

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I am applying for the exemplary student athletic trainer award because I believe I am in many ways worthy of it. This award is given to exemplary student athletic trainer which fits my description perfectly. Like the 2015 winner mentioned in her speech, “We come before they do, we leave after they do, and if you don’t believe, you don’t belong, we are, we are the team behind the team,”. That motto is what’s helped keep me pushing along as an exemplary trainer. Ever since the seventh grade when I started attending my brother’s varsity football games, I began to notice the group of student trainers at games and I knew I wanted to be part of that team, so I made sure of it. The summer before my freshman year, I emailed my now supervising athletic trainer, Coach Spencer for more information and he invited me to come to practice. If I never emailed him and took initiative I feel as if high school would have been…show more content…
Needless to say, this scholarship would make her worry less about my college funds so she can go back to school even though she still has student loans to pay off. I also plan to obtain as many scholarships as I can so to alleviate any burden put on the family.
Regardless, no matter what I am going through, I always rely on being able to get back into the training room and be a trainer. Nothing at all can stop me or take me away from being a trainer. Being an athletic trainer is practically written in my DNA and being nominated for this award is something I will forever be thankful for. Winning the award is another thing I would be even more thankful for. As I said earlier, every cent will be a great deal regarding my college funds. I do positively believe that I am an exemplary student athletic trainer. My work ethic, ambition, passion, and dedication are all unmatched. Thank you all for your time and consideration, it is greatly
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