Exemplification Essay: 2pac's Life

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Inspired by a Thug In the eyes of society, Tupac Amaru Shakur, better known as 2Pac, is the furthest person away from being a positive inspiration. He was a high school dropout, drug dealer, and one of hip-hop 's most notorious thugs. How is a person with a background of such deviance considered to be an inspiration for anybody? The answer is simple, his music. Tupac could arguably be the most detrimental celebrity of all time; however, it 's his music that made him my biggest inspiration to pursue music as a career. Tupac came from a life of poverty and violence growing up; nevertheless, he used his family 's tribulations as fuel to become an icon to millions of people worldwide. Poverty and violence did not play a role in my childhood, instead, like Tupac it was my choice to join a gang and start selling drugs as a teenager. Growing up being of a mixed race, Caucasian and Latino, was not easy for me. I encountered racism in my school, in my…show more content…
In 1990, Tupac joined the rap group Digital Underground as a roadie, a dancer, and a rapper. His rap debut came on the groups "Same Song" track, which was on the soundtrack for the movie Nothing but Trouble, in which the group also starred in. The song was also included on the group’s sophomore album This is an EP Release. Tupac also appeared with Digital Underground on their next album, The Sons of P, before launching his solo career in 1991. 2Pacalypse Now is the solo debut album for Tupac Shakur. The album featured content on racism, poverty, violence, and teenage pregnancy ("Tupac Shakur"). When released, Tupac had trouble finding someone to help market the album, even though he had Digital Underground supporting his movement. The album featured three singles, although, Brenda’s Got a Baby was the only track to make it to the charts. It was the debut single off of the album, therefore helping push it to being his first successful record. In this time he was also shooting the movie Juice which would be released in

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