Exemplification Essay: Do Immigration Laws Need To Change

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Immigration laws need to be changed. I will prove that Immigration laws need to change. Some countries don’t allow Immigrants because they think there are dangerous. Government don’t want people from the middle eastern. People need to escape their country. Donald banned Muslim. People doesn’t want people in their country because they think they’re dangerous. No matter what race we are there is always good and bad people on this world. We can change the world by working together and not being racist. You can’t judge people by how they look or their race we see people face but not their heart. “ Don’t criticize what you can’t understand. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You may miss out on a good story”. Go to the supreme court. Convince the judge to change the laws. Fight hard to change the law. Get signatures . caltlln Flangugan said “ I come from an immigrant culture. I’m only a couple of generations away from having been a servant girl myself. This quote supports reason by their faith and tell the world who their are and where they come from. We can go and ask president to change the great way of life. We can ask for help because we can’t not stand alone in…show more content…
Tell people that not all immigrant are bad. Show immigrant that need help . Tell people the immigrant needs a home. “ America is white and black and Latin and Asian. America is mixed America is Immigrants . This quote supports the reason by were all the same and America is Immigrants place,. Show them Immigrants are normal people. Immigrants are the people who are refugee who server a lot and have a hard life to live. On this world people might seem the bad side of you but all we can do is show them who we really and what we can prove to tell them that we are all the same. Is ok just to get look down by someone but always stand back up when you fail. Henry Ford said “ Failure is only the opportunity to being again, only this time more
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